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Web Accessibility Policy

This website makes it a target to comply with Level AA of the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS X 8341-3:2016 (Guidelines for Older Persons and Persons with Disabilities - Information and Communications Equipment, Software, and Services-Part 3: Web Content) (hereinafter referred to as “JIS X 8341-3."

1. Applicable Scope

The pages within this site are within the scope. (

2. Target Achievement Level

Level AA Compliant

3. Compliance Level to be Added

Of the criteria for achieving Level AAA, the following will be included in the target and will be addressed to the extent possible.

2.1.3: Keyboard (No Exceptions) Achievement Criteria (AAA)
2.2.3: Timing Adjustable Achievement Criteria (AAA)
2.3.2: Three Flashes Achievement Criteria (AAA)

4. Exceptions

The following are outside of the achievement scope because they are difficult to modify.

Content with no data for modification (cannot be modified)
Portions of images and videos created in the past
Externally provided services and accompanying content

Content intended to create visual effects for conveying the world of this project

Web Accessibility Verification Results

This website complies with Level AA of the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS X 8341-3:2016 (Guidelines for Older Persons and Persons with Disabilities - Information and Communications Equipment, Software, and Services-Part 3: Web Content)

1.Target Web Accessibility Compliance Level

Level AA Compliance

2.Pages on Which the Test Was Conducted

Based on JISX8341-3:2016 Testing Guidelines,
the selected web page from this website ( domain
pages 21 are tested.


3.Additional Items

The notation of "compliance" in this specification conforms to the notation defined in the "Guideline for JIS X 8341-3:2016 Conformance Levels of Web Content - April 2021 Edition" of the Info-communication Access Council, Web Accessibility Infrastructure Committee (WAIC).

4.Web Content Technologies Relied Upon

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PDF

5.Test Results of the Criteria for Achieving the Target Compliance Level

SubclauseAchievement criteriaLevelApplyFitCheck method/Note
1.1.1Non-text contentAachievementachievementVoice reading test, alt check, etc.
1.2.1Voice only and video only (pre-recorded)AachievementachievementNot applicable
1.2.2Captions (pre-recorded)AachievementachievementNot applicable
1.2.3Audio commentary or alternative content for the media (pre-recorded)A-achievementNo such content
1.2.4Captions (live)AA-achievementNo such content
1.2.5Audio commentary (pre-recorded)AA-achievementNo such content
1.3.1Information and relevanceAachievementachievementSource check
1.3.2Meaningful orderAachievementachievementVoice reading test, source check
1.3.3Sensory featuresAachievementachievementThere are no elements conveyed by sensory features
1.4.1Use of colorsAachievementachievementThere are no elements conveyed only by colors
1.4.2Audio controlAachievementachievementAudio OFF function provided
1.4.3Contrast (minimum level)AAachievementachievementWebAIM: Check using Contrast Checker
1.4.4Resize textAAachievementachievementCheck by changing the font size in the browser
1.4.5Text imagesAAachievementachievementDisplay text as much as possible, and add alt text where the text is converted into an image
2.1.1KeyboardAachievementachievementCheck with keyboard operation test
2.1.2No keyboard trapsAachievementachievementCheck with keyboard operation test
2.2.1Adjustable timingA-achievementNo content with time limits
2.2.2Pause, stop, and hideAachievementachievementThe video modal does not auto-play, the carousel does not auto-slide
2.3.1Three Flashes or Below ThresholdA-achievementNo such content
2.4.1Block skipAachievementachievementThere is a block skip at the top of the page
2.4.2Page titleAachievementachievementSource check
2.4.3Focus orderAachievementachievementCheck with keyboard operation test
2.4.4Purpose of link (in context)AachievementachievementCheck with visual inspection and screen reader reading test
2.4.5Multiple meansAAachievementachievementMultiple access means are provided, including a site map
2.4.6Headings and labelsAAachievementachievementSource check
2.4.7Focus visualizationAAachievementachievementCheck with keyboard operation test
3.1.1Language of the pageAachievementachievementCheck the lang attribute
3.1.2Some languagesAA-achievementApplicable parts are marked up, for example, with lang=“en”. However, proper nouns, technical terms, phrases whose language is unknown, and words or phrases that form part of the text immediately preceding and following the words or phrases are excluded.
3.2.1At focusAachievementachievementCheck with keyboard operation test
3.2.2On entryA-achievementNo such content
3.2.3Consistent navigationAAachievementachievementCheck during planning and design phases
3.2.4Consistent identificationAAachievementachievementCheck during planning and design phases
3.3.1Error identificationA-achievementNo such content
3.3.2Label or descriptionA-achievementNo such content
3.3.3Suggestions for correcting errorsAA-achievementNo such content
3.3.4Error avoidance (legal, financial, and data)A-achievementNo such content
4.1.1ParsingAachievementachievementCheck using Nu HTML Checker
4.1.2name,role and value)AachievementachievementSource check

6.Test Period

October 6 to October 23, 2023

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