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Downtown Tokyo and the quiet streets of Saitama


1-3 Days Trip Idea

3-day itinerary of contrasts – traditional meets urban (Tokyo + Saitama)

This plan lets you experience the legacy of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Stroll through traditional streets and nature in Saitama, and take in the fascinating coexistence of traditional and hyper-modern in Tokyo.

Along with Olympic legacy sites, Saitama offers a variety of other attractions, such as bonsai, historic townscapes of Koedo (Little Edo) Kawagoe, and activities in nature in Nagatoro and Chichibu.

The Tokyo part of this itinerary takes you to traditional and cutting-edge urban destinations, visiting must-see areas Asakusa and Omotesando, along with Olympic legacy experiences, such as cycling in the Musashino Forest Olympic and Paralympic Park.


Airplane :

Arrival at Haneda Airport

Car :

1 hour and 30 minutes by car from Narita Airport to hotel
40 minutes by car from Haneda Airport to hotel


Onsen Ryokan Yuen Bettei Daita

Photo of the Onsen Ryokan Yuen Bettei Daita

This "ryokan" inn’s theme is "yuen" (connection), giving you a unique and traditional Japanese "ryokan" experience adapted to match the present day. It’s hard to imagine this quiet and serene space, resembling a mountain village hot spring resort, is just 10 minutes from the bustling city center. It's characterized by a minimal and efficient layout, while offering hospitality in tune with the four seasons. Enjoy a restful soak in the mineral-rich open-air hot spring baths with water brought in from the renowned hot springs of the Hakone. There's also a "kappo"-style restaurant where you can watch your meal being prepared and experience the seasonal flavors of Japan with all five senses, and a tea room that mainly offers Japanese teas, inheriting the historical culture of this area's tea plantations.

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Departure from hotel

Train :

40 minutes by train
Fuchu Station Cycling Preparation: Rent a Shared Bicycle


Cycling Road Race Course (Musashino Forest Olympic and Paralympic Park)

Photo of the Cycling Road Race Course (Musashino Forest Olympic and Paralympic Park)

Musashino Forest (Mushashino-no-mori) Park was the starting point for the cycling competition (road race) during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The park is now named Musashino Forest Olympic and Paralympic Park to signify its role as an event host. Tokyo’s Fuchu City, where the park is located, has set up four cycling courses ranging from 10 to 30 km and including a competition course. Beginners and experienced cyclists alike can enjoy a safe and enjoyable ride here. Surrounding the park is Musashino Forest, which provides a beautiful green backdrop and is a relaxing place with a murmuring river and wild birds flying about. From Furusato no Oka (hometown hill), where stones from each prefecture are placed, you can see Chofu Airport, and on clear days, you can see the Shinjuku skyscrapers.

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Train :

30 minutes by train

Lunch @ Shinjuku area

Train :

10 minutes by train


Japan National Stadium (Stadium Tour)

Photo of the Japan National Stadium (Stadium Tour)

The Japan National Stadium, the main stadium for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, offers stadium tours. You’ll get to see areas not usually open to the public, such as the athletes' locker rooms and the competition area, where you may still feel the energy from the events. Run around the track of this historic sports venue, and step onto the Olympic podium, constructed of recycled plastic, to get a feel for what the competitors themselves felt. See a wall signed by 300 of these athletes and sit on the same benches where they sat. You can create your own Olympic memories.

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Japan Olympic Museum

Photo of the Japan Olympic Museum

As the center of the Olympic movement in Japan, this museum introduces the history and value of the Olympics from different perspectives. Along with exhibits on the event's origins and history, there's a theater where you can experience the dynamism of Olympians through video and audio. There are also booths in which you can test your physical abilities compared with those of the athletes. At the neighboring Monument Area outdoor plaza, you can take commemorative photos with the iconic Olympic symbol and scale replicas of Olympic cauldrons from previous Olympics held in Japan.

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Train :

15 minutes by train


Dinner @ sushi m

Photo of the Dinner @ sushi m

This hidden gem of a sushi restaurant is in Omotesando. Here, you can savor a premium dining experience created by an authentic Edomae sushi chef and a sommelier. sushi m offers the finest pairings of authentic Edomae sushi with sake and wine carefully selected by a sommelier with skills honed in a two-star Michelin restaurant. The cypress wood counter has just 12 seats, while there is a dedicated counter for the sommelier. The restaurant also houses a sake cellar set at −7°C and a wine cellar that can hold up to 400 bottles.

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Train :

20 minutes by train, and back to hotel

*The information provided here is as of Nov 2023.
*Transportation information does not include the number of transfers or transfer time.
*Some spots or facilities have admission fees. For the latest information on business hours, closing days, prices and more, please check the corresponding spot or facility’s website.