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Privacy Policy

This website recognizes that it is an important responsibility to appropriately protect the personal information of all concerned parties, and is committed to doing so in accordance with the following policy.

Restrictions on Collection

When collecting personal information on this website, we will clearly state the purpose for which the personal information is to be handled, and will collect such information in a lawful and fair manner to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of the said work.

Appropriate Management

This website will take the necessary measures to ensure the appropriate management of personal information to prevent the leakage, loss, or damage of such information.

Supervision of Contractors

When this website considers outsourcing tasks related to the handling of personal information, we will conduct the necessary supervision to ensure the protection of personal information.

Restrictions on Use

This website will not use personal information for any purpose beyond the administrative purposes for which it is handled.

Provision to Third Parties

We will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties, except with the consent of the person concerned or as required by related legal provisions.

Request for Disclosure, Modifications, or Suspension of Use

We will promptly respond to requests for disclosure, modifications, or suspension of use of personal information by the individual concerned.

Staff Training

This website is committed to educate all employees and raise their awareness on personal information protection.

Compliance with Legal Provisions

This website will comply with legal provisions and other standards regarding the handling of personal information, and is committed to continuously improving the efforts set forth in this policy.

Contact Information

Tourism Division, Tourism Department, Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau

Handling of Personal Information on This Website

What is Personal Information?

Information that can identify a specific individual, such as address, name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc., that was provided to this website.

Applicable Scope

This policy applies only to this website and does not apply to other websites linked to this website.
The handling of information on linked websites is the responsibility of the respective organizations.

Collection of Personal Information

In general, when we collect personal information through this website, the information is provided (registered) by the user themselves. When collecting personal information, we will clearly state the purpose for which the information is being collected. Personal information will be collected only to the extent necessary to achieve the stated purpose.

Restrictions on the Use of Personal Information

Personal information provided (registered) by users will only be used within the scope of the purpose of collection, as specified in advance.
We will not use personal information for purposes beyond the purpose of collection, nor will we provide it to third parties, except as required by legal provisions.
However, information such as statistically processed user attributes may be made public, only if it does not contain any personal information.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

We will use the collected personal information for the following purposes.

TCVB will ensure that the collection, use, and management of personal information is conducted securely, and will use the personal information to respond to requests and inquiries from users.

Management of Personal Information

Personal information collected will be strictly managed by the website administrator, and appropriate measures will be taken to prevent leakage, misappropriation, tampering, etc.
The operation of this website may be outsourced, in which case appropriate measures will be taken by the contractors as well.

User Information That Does Not Contain Personal Information

This website automatically collects information such as Internet domain names, IP addresses, browsing environment at the time of viewing this website, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "user information").
The user information collected is limited to information aimed at improving the usability of this website and will only be used within that scope.
However, information such as statistically processed site access information, browsing environment, etc. may be made public.
*Use of Google Analytics
This website uses Google Analytics to understand how the site is used and to help us improve the content. Google Analytics is used to collect anonymous traffic data from visitors to this website, but we do not use this data for any purpose other than to improve the website.

For more information on the Google Analytics Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, please visit the Google Analytics website at

This website may collect and use information (which does not identify specific individuals) regarding the usage of this website, such as page browsing history and search history, in order to improve the content of this website and to conduct statistical research on browsing conditions for internal market research purposes. This website uses a technology called cookies for this purpose.