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Umihotaru Parking Area

Photo of the Umihotaru Parking Area

Umihotaru Parking Area is no ordinary pitstop – it’s also a sightseeing spot. This is Japan’s first offshore parking area, located at the midpoint of the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, which connects the cities of Kawasaki and Kisarazu in Kanagawa and Chiba Prefectures. It's built on a 650-meter-long island, completely surrounded by the sea, offering a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay. This popular spot has stores, places to relax and take a break, and restaurants serving clam dishes and "kaiten" (conveyor-belt) sushi. It’s a stunning place to watch the sunrise, from right in the middle of Tokyo Bay.


Umihotaru Parking Area

Nakajima Chisaki, Kisarazu City, Chiba

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